CALL US OR E-MAIL US FIRST at  225-916-7795 or  info@thefretshack.com VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! 
Simply put, we need to know what’s coming, what is needed and when it will arrive.
You need to know an overview of what will be done, the estimated cost and estimated turnaround time,
and specific instructions you will need to follow to ensure we receive and accept your package.

We will provide you a physical address for shipping. We DO NOT accept instrument shipments at the shop,
we only receive instruments at shipping agents' official or designated hubs/depots near the shop.

We will issue a Job Authorization (JA) Number for each instrument you will ship.
We WILL NOT accept any shipments without a JA Number marked legibly on the outside
of the shipping box near the shipping label.

Be prepared to e-mail applicable photos upon request, and be aware that a deposit
may be required on jobs requiring special-order parts and/or materials.

Place a note inside each instrument’s case with your name, JA number, contact information,
return shipping physical address, preferred shipping carrier, and a brief description of the job to be performed.

Ship the guitar with strings slacked, in its case if at all possible. Protect the peghead (the guitar’s most vulnerable area
during shipping) by packing that area of the case with newspaper or bubble wrap. Use additional padding material
to secure the instrument from moving around inside its case. Use a sturdy shipping box (double-walled is ideal)
and suspend the instrument inside the box with more padding material, so the instrument is cushioned and protected
from any end or side impacts. Mark the box appropriately with “this end up” and “fragile,” even though carriers
will not heed those instructions. The box will be handled without regard to fragility in transit,
so pack your instrument accordingly. There are tutorials on how to pack a guitar for shipping online.

Be sure to insure your instrument with the carrier for full replacement value.

We will need a tracking number once the instrument ships.

We will notify you when we receive your instrument and an in-person evaluation has occurred,
and we will then notify you when the work is complete to settle payment and confirm return shipping arrangements.

We will cover return shipping and bill you for the actual cost plus a repacking and handling fee of $25.

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